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This book uses the Bowen Theory to teach you about how families work. Its author, Dr. Ellen Kean Rudolph, is an experienced family therapist and long-time student of the Bowen Theory of family emotional functioning. Learn more ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Theoretical Framework

The Bowen Theory views the family as a multi-generational emotional unit. As such, it evolves predictable behavioral patterns over several or more generations. Dr. Murray Bowen, a pioneer in the study of the family, uses systems thinking to describe the interactions between emotionally dependent family members. His concepts provide a framework for viewing the family as the primary driving force in the development of personal and relationship problems.

Dr. Ellen applies such thinking to real world interactions in families using diagrams to illustrate important relationship processes between family members.

She will help you come to see families as self-contained wholes with predictable order. Consider this a kind of layman's rule book for deciphering this order. Dr. Ellen likes to call it her pocket manual for the unspeakable.

The [TUTORIAL] will be useful to those interested in learning more about genograms and how they are constructed. Otherwise, feel free to move around the book at will as there is no real need to read the chapters and special topics in any particular order.

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